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I'm a


Student & Developer

I've been programming in many different languages since I was 12. I learned Python due to school, then started Java with the videogame Minecraft and then in the end I stayed with the web programming languages, because these are the most fun for me.

  • Languages: HTML, CSS (and Bootstrap), JS, PHP, Python, Java, SQL
  • Software: Visual Studio Code, Bootstrap Studio, GitLab, MySql, Docker


Here is a list of all of my projects. You can find more information if you click on one of them.


Club website


Minecraft server website


Minecraft server website

Luca's E-Book

E-Book website

Alexander Rebello

Private website

Neopixel control system

Python Skript

Hyperbuild (Web)

Minecraft server website

Hyperbuild (MC)

Minecraft server


Here you can see what other people I've worked with think of me. (Show original texts)

Alex überzeugt mit seinem hohen Grad an Professionalität, Kompetenz und Willenskraft. Besonders für Websiten ist er der perfekte Ansprechpartner! Alex convinces with his high level of professionalism, Competence and willpower. Especially for websites he is the perfect contact!


MC Server Owner


MC Server Owner

Alex ist ein sehr netter und begabter Programmierer. Vor allem im Webseiten Bereich. Er hilft so gut er kann und ist immer Hilfsbereit. Webseiten zu coden ist so ziemlich wie man sagen kann sein Nebenjob. Alex is a very nice and talented programmer. Especially in the website area. He helps so well can and is always helpful. Code websites is pretty much his part-time job as you can say.

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Website von Alex. Alex kümmert sich auch nach der Vollendung des Auftrages um seine Webseiten in Form von Updates und Verbesserungen. Ich kann Alex gerade im Bereich Webseiten nur weiter empfehlen! I am very happy with Alex's website. Alex takes care even after completing the Order to convert its websites into Form of updates and improvements. I can only speak to Alex in the area of websites right now recommend!


MC Server Owner


Here you have the opportunity to get in touch with me. Otherwise you can also contact me by email.